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publié le 20.12.2019

New generation, new trends? Well, at least that is what the fashion industry is looking for at the moment. For a long time, high heels, pumps and inelastic shoes were considered must-haves. But that is passé now - fortunately. After all, who prefers walking on uncomfortable shoes when having the choice to walk light-footed through life?

Since the rise of Birkenstock mules, Nike sneakers and co. the rule has been: the more comfortable, the cooler! Today's lifestyle is fast and your shoes must always be able to keep up. Whether it is the way to university or work, city trips, autumn excursions in nature, concerts or events - comfortable lightweight shoes are the ultimate hype!

Well, let us be honest... What could be more beautiful than the sensation of not wearing shoes at all? Just having the feeling that you are barefoot. The real freedom is to create your own lifestyle and make it as comfortable as possible - even if sometimes it is hard to do so. Get started right away, beginning at the bottom - at the feet.

By the way: Did you know that? The feet have different reflex zones, which are connected with the whole body. Each reflex zone of the foot can therefore be assigned to an organ. Just try it out! Use your fingers to exert pressure on a part of your foot. You will notice that the pressure has an effect on another part of the body.

Barefoot despite shoes – that's the secret.

The same goes for certain shoe insoles that are designed to massage certain parts of the foot affecting the entire body. And so the Reflex Zones shoe insoles are equipped with certain elevations and depressions in order to massage the reflex zones on your feet and to ensure a high wearing comfort of your shoes.

Which type are you? Rather the one who needs more energy and drive or rather the one who likes to relax and lean back? For every type there is the right insole. Simply push the insole into your own shoes and off you go.

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You have got the power, so go for it!

We invite you to visit our shop and order shoes with Reflex Zones insoles for your shoe retailer. Surprise your customers with a special offer which is comfortable and en vogue. An everyday foot massage as a companion in all life situations – that is how it can go, in the truest sense of the word.

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